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Registration for Spring 2022 recruitment is now open! Registration closes at 10pm EST on Tuesday, February 8th.

Feel free to email any Brother to learn more about our brotherhood.

Direct any questions to Anjali Velu ( or Srinidhi Rajesh ( 


PFC Clubfest: Sunday, January 31st | 1-3pm | Location: Zoom

Resume Workshop: Tuesday, February 1st | 5pm-7pm | Location: Zoom

DSP x Women's Network Panel: Wednesday, February 2nd | 5pm-6pm | Zoom

DSP x LAL Diversity Coffee Chats: Wednesday, February 2nd | 6pm-7pm | Zoom 

DSP Second Time Rush Event: Thursday, February 3rd | 5pm - 6pm | Zoom

Drop-In Coffee Chats: Thursday, February 3rd | 6-8pm | Zoom

DSP x DBAC Spotlight Info Session: Friday, February 4th | 5pm-7pm | Zoom

PFO Clubfest: Sunday, February 6th | 1-3pm | Zoom

Information Session #1: Monday, February 7th | 5pm-7pm | Location: Gates Hall G01

Information Session #2: Tuesday, February 8th | 7pm-9pm | Location: MVR G155 or Zoom

*If you are interested in registering for recruitment, you must attend at least 1 info session

Application Deadline: Tuesday, February 8th at 10pm EST. Register here. 

First Round: Wednesday, February 9th | 5pm-7pm | Location: TBA

Second Round: Thursday, February 10th | Invite Only

Final Round: Tuesday, February 15th | Invite Only

*All events and rounds will be held in accordance with Cornell University's COVID policies and guidelines. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Second Semester Freshman → First Semester junior

  • GPA 2.7 or above 

  • Full-time student (12 credits)



Feel free to reach out to brothers for a coffee chat!

We highly encourage any potential new brother to reach out for a coffee chat before recruitment begins. A coffee chat is meant to be a casual meeting for potential new brothers to ask questions and are a great way to better understand the Fraternity in an informal environment. To reach out for a coffee chat, you can directly email a brother through the contact information found on our Brothers page, or feel free to request to be matched using the form to the below.